Our Mission

Located in downtown Seattle, Washington, we provide holistic health care focusing on the whole person. Our goals include patient empowerment through education to ensure each patient’s health and safety.

We strive to promote optimal health and wellness in patients’ lives. We endeavor to honor each person’s individuality and promote their natural healing abilities as much as possible. We customize treatment plans using therapies such as nutrition, lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, acupuncture, physical medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Our Practitioners


I believe that a high level of commitment to your health is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness. Often it is helpful to have a guide to help uncover blocks that could be preventing you from improving your health. My hope in working with patients is to partner with them and help each person realize his or her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

I truly believe that health is not just freedom from disease, rather it is the state in which body, mind and spirit are able to achieve full potential. I look at symptoms as an indication of a greater health imbalance and by finding and addressing the root cause of symptoms, health will be restored.

Symptoms are an indication of a greater health imbalance; it is the root cause of symptoms that should be addressed


I treat adults with acute and chronic disease, as well as focus on disease prevention. My methods address factors that contribute to physical, emotional and chemical imbalances. I believe it is best to intervene in the most non-toxic and least invasive way that I can. I put a lot of emphasis on teaching my patients how to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle habits to improve their health. I successfully help patient’s achieve their health goals by creating individualized programs using nutritional therapy, homeopathy, Biotherapeutic Drainage, herbal medicine, and lifestyle modification.

As part of your experience I may suggest blood work as well as other functional testing in order to gather more information about you and provide you with the best possible care.

Dr. Paroo is currently not accepting patients at Natural Healthcare Northwest.

Krystal Richardson, ND

Dr. Richardson is a graduate of Bastyr University and completed a one year residency with a focus in pediatrics. She is passionate about family medicine and enjoys working with all ages. She believes in creating a relationship with her patients that focuses on a partnership where patient and doctor can work together towards achievable goals.

Dr. Richardson is a regular contributor to the pediatric section of NaturalPath – a national health blog written solely by Naturopathic Doctors. Click here to see her recent articles.

Dr. Richardson is available for appointments at Natural Healthcare Northwest Tuesday – Friday.

Dr. Richardson is an in-network provider for the following health plans:

  • First Choice Health
  • Lifewise
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Moda Health
  • Group Health Options (PPO plans only)
  • Regence