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Dear Patients and Friends, The Senate is considering a Bill that will take away your access to natural medicines, remedies and compounded medicines!!! WHY DO YOU CARE? No more B-12 shots!   No more IV nutrition.  No more chelation therapy. No more Bioidentical Natural Hormones, Naturethroid, herbal tinctures, UNDA remedies, Liquid herbal remedies, nasal sprays, natural eye drops, DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, natural estrogen, natural testosterone, compounded homeopathic medicines, sublingual remedies, salves, creams or ointments!

To B-Vitamin, or Not to B-Vitamin

That is the question! (Sorry, Shakespeare! Couldn’t resist that one.) Lots of patients ask us, “Should I be taking B vitamins? B complex? Or just B12? Or folic acid? Should I just try to get all of my B vitamins from food? Are some forms of B vitamins better than others?” These are good questions and so I thought I would talk a bit about B vitamins in this month’s column. The term “vitamin” refers to a natural chemical compound (produced in part by the body, and also found in food) which is vital to certain human bodily functions and...
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Exercise, Injury and Massage

May in Seattle, weather is improving (slowly), we’re all getting outside a bit more. We’re taking that first long hike, biking around Lake Washington, or deep in training for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. That first time feels great as you’ve got the adrenaline and the sun shining on you, but then the next day. . . not so great. Micro-tears in muscles cause soreness, stiffness, and tension leading to increased inflammation and reduced circulation. If the tension doesn’t get worked out, over time, people have an increased risk of injury. Massage can help ease tension, decrease inflammation, and increase...
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Spring Allergies

Spring is here!!!   OK, well maybe that’s a little premature for Seattle, but hope is in the air for sunnier, warmer weather, tasty spring veggies, colorful blooming bulbs, and buds decorating formerly bare branches.   Songbirds are back, and this weekend I enjoyed watching a busy pair of finches building their nest in my lilac bush. Yes, it’s time to get out and cut the grass, weed the garden, trim the hedges and…Ah… Ahh… Ahhh– CHEW! (Excuse me.) That reminds me: Spring air brings more than thoughts of love and light, for some of us it brings sneezing, runny noses, itchy...
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