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How Exercise Can Help Us Eat Less

Strenuous exercise seems to dull the urge to eat afterward better than gentler workouts...
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When a Food is not your Friend

As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’. What happens if you are reacting to what you are eating? Most people don’t think twice about eating a breakfast of eggs and toast and a glass of milk or orange juice, but if there is food sensitivity, this could result in many unpleasant symptoms that could even be life threatening. Food sensitivities are due to a toxic reaction to food and include food allergies and food intolerance. Let’s discuss food allergies first. Your digestive system is a barrier between the outside world and the inside world of your body. It...
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Omega 3s and prostate cancer – what’s the whole story?

A recently published paper is gaining a lot of attention this past month in both medical circles and the mainstream media because in it, the authors state that this “confirms previous reports [by same research team] of increased risk of prostate cancer risk among men with high blood concentrations of long chain omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.”   The authors suggest “that these fatty acids are involved in prostate tumorigenesis.”

Moroccan Stew with Green Beans

I don’t make stew very often in the summer.  But I had a bunch of beautiful green beans from Oxbow farms and fresh tomatoes from our garden which got me thinking about vegetable stew.  The beauty of making stew is that it cooks itself so you can go outside and enjoy the evening sun. I’m sure everyone who reads this newsletter has made a stew, so I won’t go into my normal long winded explanations on the making of.  However, I do want to stress the importance of using high quality (meaning homemade) stock for stews.  If you need a...
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