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Omega 3s and prostate cancer – what’s the whole story?

A recently published paper is gaining a lot of attention this past month in both medical circles and the mainstream media because in it, the authors state that this “confirms previous reports [by same research team] of increased risk of prostate cancer risk among men with high blood concentrations of long chain omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.”   The authors suggest “that these fatty acids are involved in prostate tumorigenesis.”

To B-Vitamin, or Not to B-Vitamin

That is the question! (Sorry, Shakespeare! Couldn’t resist that one.) Lots of patients ask us, “Should I be taking B vitamins? B complex? Or just B12? Or folic acid? Should I just try to get all of my B vitamins from food? Are some forms of B vitamins better than others?” These are good questions and so I thought I would talk a bit about B vitamins in this month’s column. The term “vitamin” refers to a natural chemical compound (produced in part by the body, and also found in food) which is vital to certain human bodily functions and...
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The “Ferrari of Viruses”

Here’s hoping you don’t need any of the advice in this month’s newsletter!   Flu season is on us and the flu bug (influenza) has brought a couple of friends to crash the party this year.   This may be part of why the flu season is being hailed as a particularly bad one, since other infections can be mistaken for the flu. One of these bugs is a new strain of norovirus (misnamed the ‘stomach flu’) which is making a big splash (sorry, gross!) here in the US, having originated in Australia.   This nasty strain, GII.4 Sydney, is very contagious,...
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Guess What? You Eat Your Skin Care Products!

Would you be willing to chow down on a nice bowl of your moisturizing cream? How about a nice frosty glass of shampoo? This might sound silly, but in essence your body does consume everything you put on your skin. The products that you use for skincare end up in your blood stream and body tissues, just as if you had eaten them for breakfast.  You may have heard your skin referred to as your largest organ, which is true, and in the case of body care products your skin acts as an organ of absorption.   Watery things are somewhat...
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