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Potato Leek Soup

I discovered a new potato in the Olsen Farms stand at the farmer’s market a couple Sundays ago called “Kerr’s Pink”. Turns out it’s the second largest potato crop of Ireland. If anybody knows potatoes it’s the Irish! This potato has a slightly pink hued skin and a lively fluffy mouth feel and a sweet taste. Super delicious! So, that brings me to herbs de Provence. It’s time to check your spices and put together your herbs de Provence spice mix for the winter. At the end of the recipe is my personal mix, but you can come up with...
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Vegetable Frittata

This is truly a dish with endless possibilities. It's very easy to make and also makes an excellent lunchtime meal....
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Cooking Beans

Dried beans are a great source of inexpensive protein, fiber, vitamins, etc. etc. They also make great fall and winter dishes. The trouble with dried beans is you have to plan ahead. Most beans have to soak. The good news is you can put them to soak before you go to work! Come home and they’re ready to cook. Beans cooked properly taste lovely. OK, let’s cook beans. If you own a pressure cooker, beans are a snap and you are probably already a bean cooker. Basically, a pressure cooker cuts your cooking time in half. If you don’t own...
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Quinoa Salad

With summer in full swing I like to reduce the amount of heat in the kitchen. To that end I’m making cold salads, braised vegetables, curries, steeped grains and rice and of course grilling outside. This month I want to tell you about a great salad my wife made with quinoa. I’m not a big quinoa fan but she found this red quinoa at the PCC and I have to admit I do like the flavor. Mix it in with regular quinoa 50/50 for a great look and taste. Quinoa is loaded with protein and is gluten free.