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Mindfulness While Eating

There is no better time to practice mindfulness than while  eating. It’s the perfect opportunity to slow down and be in the moment. Tich Nhat Hanh wrote these beautiful verses to help you along.

Chicken Stock

You may remember I posted an article on how to make vegetable stock a while back. After reading about the nasty virus above I thought we should visit the chicken side of things. It’s an old wives tale and it’s true that chicken soup will help heal you. It will also help to replace lost electrolytes after, you know. Now if you’re sick you won’t have the energy to make this broth. Train someone in your household to make it, or make some now and freeze it. Don’t be caught with no stock!

Roasted Butternut Squash

When it gets cold outside, I like it to get warm inside. Nothing’s better than heating up the kitchen with a hot oven for roasting. Almost everyone has a family specialty dish that involves roasting, the Thanksgiving turkey or the Christmas ham or the leg of lamb. These are all well and good for holiday cooking, but how about Wednesday night? One of the easiest weeknight treats is roasted butternut squash. Add to that roasted broccoli, onion, carrots, beets, brussels sprouts or even kale for a complete meal that involves little more than a jellyroll pan or baking sheet.   

Red Cabbage Sauté

I thought I knew pretty much every food preference of my wife’s. The other day we’re at the farmer’s market and she says “Let’s get a red cabbage.” I’m thinking, o.k. I’ve never cooked red cabbage. “I didn’t even know you liked red cabbage.” And she says “I love red cabbage!” Well there you have it. Twenty years later I find out she loves red cabbage. The only way I can remember it used is shredded into salads. As it turns out there is a famous German Christmas dish with red cabbage and tart apples. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any...
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