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Spice Up Your Life!

December is upon us, and it’s a time for holiday cheer, gratitude, and prayer for that elusive peace on earth and goodwill to all.  It’s also a time for some fantastic feasts with friends and family. I really love sharing good food with those near and dear to me, and here in the Pacific Northwest we are blessed with farmers markets featuring organic local produce, free range poultry, eggs and meats, wild caught fish and other delights to bring to your holiday table.   Whether you are a ‘Forks Over Knives’ vegetarian, a meat lover, or a pescetarian, one thing is...
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Stove Top Popcorn

Now that the cold rainy weather is here it’s time to spend some quality time in front of the TV with some popcorn. Now there is absolutely no reason to buy GMO laden microwave popcorn when you can make it on top of the stove in the same amount of time! No kidding. And no, dogs are not allowed to eat popcorn.   Ingredients: 1/3 cup organic yellow popping corn (PCC / Whole Foods) 1 TBSP organic extra virgin coconut oil (PCC / Whole Foods) Sea salt to taste.   Method: Put 3 corn kernels in the bottom of a...
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Braised Greens with Eggplant Thai Style

The other month I talked about cooking collard greens and got feedback from some folks who said they wouldn’t even bother to try my recipe, having a visceral reaction against the poor plant. I say give something you don’t  care for another try now and again. Tastes do change over time.

Braised Red Potatoes with Collard Greens

When you are at the farmer’s market have you ever bought heirloom potatoes? Oxbow farm had these beautiful red potatoes called caribe on Sunday along with super fresh collard greens. A lot of people I talk to say they don’t care for collards and I think I know why. Super market collards are often old and tough. Collard greens shouldn’t split and crack when you roll them up. So if you see some at the farmer’s market snatch them up and try my recipe.