Injection Therapy

We at Natural Healthcare Northwest use injection therapy as an effective way to treat a variety of conditions. This technique involves the injection of homeopathic remedies into specific areas of the body. The remedies are designed to stimulate natural healing rather than suppressing symptoms. This evokes a healing response in the body which allows for the resolution of the symptoms. Translated, injection therapy is an effective way to regulate inflammation, reduces pain and increase range of motion in muscles and joints.

Along with the specifically formulated homeopathic remedies, we often will include a small amount of Lidocaine or Procaine (anesthetic) which also has a relaxing effect on the area to be treated.

The main types of injections that we use are “Trigger Point” injections and “Neural Therapy” injections.

Trigger Point injections
Trigger points are areas of the muscle that are knotty or hard. Often when pressed, the area will be tender or painful and the pain can radiate to other surrounding areas. Injection into these areas can relax, modulate inflammation and calm the nervous system thereby providing pain relief. A thin needle with a remedy is inserted into the muscle, generally about 1/2-1 inch below the skin surface, and a small amount of substance is injected. This is repeated several times, depending on the size of the area to be treated. The most common experience a patient will have is pain relief and increased range of motion right after the treatment.

Neural Therapy
This is used when the treatment doesn’t involved injection into a muscle trigger point but into smaller muscles, over joints around discs and above organs. These injections are more superficial, just below the surface of the skin. It can be helpful to break the stress reaction of the nervous system which occurs frequently with acute or chronic conditions. Some of the injections won’t be painful at all, and others will feel like a quick bee sting- very tolerable for most people.

Homeopathic injection therapy can be helpful for musculoskeletal complaints such as:

  • sprain/sprain
  • tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • acute or chronic muscle spasms
  • inflammation
  • PAIN: joint pain, neck pain, back pain etc
  • arthritis

Homeopathic injection therapy can also can aid in other conditions, such as:

  • acute headaches/migraines
  • menstrual cramps
  • digestive pain
  • emotional trauma
  • post surgical complications/scars
  • lymphatic congestion
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Additional benefits of Homeopathic injection therapy:

  • safe for patients on multiple medications
  • safe for patients who have sensitivity to NSAIDS
  • effective for patients who choose not to have corticosteroid therapy

We recommend a series of treatments to determine whether this will be effective for your condition. Injection therapy is used in part to try to help bring the body into balance. Although it can stand alone, it is often combined with massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, lifestyle, diet and exercise recommendations and can make these other modalities more effective, resulting in fewer treatments with quicker results.

Nina Paroo, ND

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  1. I am very interested. I stride for homeopathic therapy for everything. I have an autoimmune neurological disorder. As a result, I have developed sensitivity to a lot of things/medications and, even natural stuff used externally and internally. Over all I have more bad outcomes with pharmaceutical treatments than natural medicine. Currently injured and dealing with a lot of other neurological disorders. My job is very physical, I have a hard time working and with simple daily activities. I want a relief that is natural and effective. I use Trammel (- heel) anti inflammatory analgizic injection therapy to manage chronic and acute inflammation and pain. If there is another option, I want to try it.😊

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