Please Read!!!

Dear Patients and Friends,

The Senate is considering a Bill that will take away your access to natural medicines, remedies and compounded medicines!!!


No more B-12 shots!   No more IV nutrition.  No more chelation therapy.

No more Bioidentical Natural Hormones, Naturethroid, herbal tinctures, UNDA remedies, Liquid herbal remedies, nasal sprays, natural eye drops, DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, natural estrogen, natural testosterone, compounded homeopathic medicines, sublingual remedies, salves, creams or ointments!

This all could happen if S959 passes allowing the FDA to ban these medications and remedies from your doctors’ offices.

Please sign the petition telling your senators NOT to pass this bill which would severely restrict your right to obtain natural remedies and compounded medications from your Naturopathic doctors.

Please do this NOW before our Senators vote and it is too late.   It only takes 30 seconds.

Thank you so very much for your support.


Cynthia Buxton, ND, Lac

Nina Paroo, ND

Natural Healthcare Northwest


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