Quinoa Salad

With summer in full swing I like to reduce the amount of heat in the kitchen. To that end I’m making cold salads, braised vegetables, curries, steeped grains and rice and of course grilling outside. This month I want to tell you about a great salad my wife made with quinoa. I’m not a big quinoa fan but she found this red quinoa at the PCC and I have to admit I do like the flavor. Mix it in with regular quinoa 50/50 for a great look and taste. Quinoa is loaded with protein and is gluten free.


2 or more lettuces torn or chopped into bite size pieces

1 carrot sliced thin

2 radishes sliced thin

1 tomato sliced in half and then quartered

¼ pint fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or a mix

1 handful walnuts broken into large pieces

1 handful of fresh basil shredded

1 cup of cooked quinoa



Use any, all or none of the above ingredients depending on how you like your salad except the quinoa, because then it wouldn’t be quinoa salad!


To make the quinoa: In a 1qt pot with a tight fitting lid combine ½ cup of quinoa with 1 cup of chicken or veggie stock, 1/4tsp salt and 1 cinnamon stick (optional). Bring to a boil then reduce heat to the lowest setting and cook covered for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, check to see if the quinoa is done. Quinoa is cooked when the grains open up into a feathery look. Let cool completely and add to the salad. I like to make a raspberry vinaigrette for this salad. Take 4 fresh raspberries, the juice of a small lemon, 2TBS raspberry vinegar (or red wine vinegar) and olive oil to taste. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl except the olive oil. Smash the raspberries then whisk in the olive oil a little bit at a time, tasting frequently until delicious! Pour over salad or bottle and serve. Yum!


Cook’s Note:

If you want to make a salad dressing last for a week or more in the fridge, eliminate the fresh fruit and whisk in some Dijon mustard.




Rick Sullens

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