Why Detox?

Your liver has thousands of enzymes designed to clear various toxins from your body and your liver and kidney both work round the clock clearing toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, medications, heavy metals, and even excess hormones from your system. Sometimes the toxic burden is too great for these organs to handle and some toxic residue remains trapped in your body, stored in the kidneys, liver, brain, muscles, etc. These toxins can be responsible for various symptoms including fatigue, muscle pain, irritability, cognitive difficulties, premenstrual syndrome, skin disorders and more. The purpose of detoxification is to enhance the detoxification function of the liver and the kidneys, reducing the toxic burden on these organs and therefore the benefits of detoxification can range from clearer skin, improved mental clarity, improved thyroid function, increased energy, improved hormonal balance, and improved mental function.

Detox Special for Current Patients!

Unfortunately, detoxification, though beneficial, is not considered medically necessary by insurance companies and therefore is not a covered benefit. However, many people come to me as a Naturopathic Doctor asking whether detox can benefit them and how they can safely detox. Our detox special includes for single price of $150.00, a 30 minute naturopathic consult to explaining the benefits of the detox diet and supplements and how to correctly proceed. Written and verbal diet recommendations and juice fasting instructions are provided in the visit. Included is a 16-oz package of high quality ground flax seed meal. This tasty food is an excellent source of both fiber and omega 3 oils. The fiber facilitates removal of toxins via the stool, and the flax omega 3 oils boost immune function, improve cell membrane health and are anti-inflammatory. You also receive a 1-oz herbal liquid colon cleansing tincture. It is helpful to encourage proper bowel movements during a detox because the toxins processed by the liver will be dumped into the bowel for removal via the stool.

Finally, the special also includes an excellent protein/detox powder called MediClear. MediClear provides numerous nutrients required for hepatic (liver) detoxification of toxins. Overtime, because the liver is constantly working to remove toxins from the body the nutrients needed for these processes can become depleted causing slowing of hepatic clearance of toxins from your body. MediClear restores the nutrients needed to get those toxins moving out again. This product also contains rice protein powder to prevent fatigue and hypoglycemic reactions during the detox, and a full high quality multivitamin/mineral is formulated into the powder. Therefore it is not necessary to take multiple pills of various vitamins and minerals during the detox cleanse. My patients and I have found the taste and texture of MediClear to be preferable to many other detox powders and mixes.

Other additional items that may be beneficial to add into the detox special include a couple of tablespoons of bentonite clay (available in bulk in my office or at most health food stores), and HMF Forte acidophilus. This is a high quality, human strain pro-biotic that offers many benefits such as crowding out pathogenic bacteria and yeast, protecting the lining of your digestive tract, improving immune function, and protecting you from food allergies, hormonal imbalance, and cancers.

Some comments we have received from patients who have completed the Detox Special

“I can’t believe how much clearer my brain is now after doing the detox. I will definitely want to do this again!”

“My husband and I followed the plan, except we did not do the juice fasting part. We definitely noticed improved energy and think it was worthwhile doing the detox.”

“The MediClear tastes surprisingly good! By the third day I felt like a huge cloud was lifted off of me. My mood is tons better, and my abdominal bloating is gone. I’m glad I did the detox.”

“How often can I do this? It really wasn’t that hard to do and I feel great.”

The Benefits of Detoxification

Some of the benefits I have witnessed in patients who have done the Detox include weight loss, reduction in dark circles under the eyes, improved lab values for thyroid function, reduction in skin rashes, reduction in abdominal bloating and improved joint function.